High Grade Copper Coins in our 10thDecember 2014 Coin Auction

31st October 2014

We are asked on a daily basis by people who want to sell their collections, ‘How much are my coins worth? ’Our answer is often ‘To provide you with a free coin valuation, we will have to see the coins’. The reason for this is that the same coin will realise vastly different amounts in our coin auctions depending on its state of preservation. Coin experts and collectors alike will know that many coins are common in average circulated condition and scarce in high grades.

A good example of this is an interesting British copper coin collection I recently had the pleasure of preparing which will be included in our 10th December Coin Auction. It consists of pennies, half pennies and farthings from the reigns of King George I to Queen Victoria. It includes many examples in high grades, with 15 coins lotted individually and 6 ranges.

This 1753 half penny which we have graded as nearly uncirculated and has excellent lustre and is estimated at £250.

This 1855 penny, with ornate trident, is graded as nearly uncirculated with some lustre. It is estimated at £110.

Look out for our full catalogue which will appear on our website in the next few weeks or keep an eye on our twitter account (@warwickauctions) which will include updates of our latest auction news.

Are you thinking of selling your coin collection? Please feel free to contact me for advice either by calling 01926 499 031 or emailing me at jill.smith@warwickandwarwick.com. I look forward to hearing from you.

Jill Smith

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