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26th February 2019

While not to everyone’s taste, there is still a large number of collectors who specialize in collecting Third Reich medals and badges, uniform and rank insignia, daggers, deactivated weapons, statues and other militaria from the Third Reich or Nazi period of history 1933-1945. Collectors need to be aware that there is an ever increasing supply of copy and reproduction material coming on to the market due to the high prices for many original items.

Over recent years Warwick & Warwick have sold a range of collections and single items that have either being collected, or brought back after the war as souvenirs by a father, grandfather or other relative.

Ceremonial daggers were prized possessions among the souvenir hunting Allied troops and the Third Reich produced a wide range of different styles, not only for their armed forces, but a range of civilian organisations such as the Fire Brigade, Hitler Youth, Customs, Government Officials, Forestry etc. The most commonly seen in our auctions are the paramilitary Hitler Youth and SA (Sturmabtelung) often referred to as Brown Shirts and the 3 main branches of the Armed Forces, the Heer (Army), Luftwaffe and Kreigsmarine, with daggers to the SS being highly sought after.

One of the rarest Third Reich memorabilia items Warwick & Warwick have sold was a Kriegsmarine Admiral’s Banner Flag which measured 47cm x 47cm and was in exceptionally good condition and it sold for £2,900 in our 19th August 2015 auction.

Most weapons are un-named but this unusual SA dagger named to a Heinz Biermann sold in our 20th June 1918 auction for £420.

Hitler Youth daggers had the legend Blut und Ehre (Blood and honour) etched to the blade and this dagger made by Carl Heidelberg of Solingen sold for £200 in our 19th April auction.

Herr or Army daggers are more plentiful than the other services and this example by Eickhorn of Solingen, along with correct hangers sold for £310 in our 20th June 2018 sale.

Kreigsmarine daggers have featured in a number of our auctions and this example by Clemen & Jung of Solingen sold for £340 in our 20th June 2018 sale.

The Luftwaffe produced 2 types of dagger. This 1st and scarcer Type by Tiger of Solingen sold for £550 in our 20th June 2018 sale.

We sold a small range of German de-activated weapons in August 2015 with a rare MG34 machine gun and an MG42 both selling for £1,150 each. The sale also contained a 1943 MP40 sub-machine gun with folding stock and this sold for £925.


The Third Reich were prolific producers of badges to recognize service, trade and combat within their armed forces. Listed below is just a small range of what we have sold in recent auctions.

This Kreigsmarine Submarine War Badge with the maker’s mark GWL sold in our 21st June 2017 auction for £170.

A Third Reich Luftwaffe Flak Badge by Brehmer Markneu-Kirchen and a Luftwaffe Pilot’s Badge without a maker’s mark sold in our 17th August 2016 auctioned for £170 and £130 respectively.


Helmets and uniform are very collectable and if they come with any provenance as to their history, it helps to raise the price. This Kriesmarine M40 helmet with decals on both sides was found with 30 others in a German bunker on Jersey when builders were developing a site. This suggests that it belonged to a German coastal artillery site and it sold in our 21st June 2017 auction for £360.

Anything associated to the Waffen SS is very collectable and this M42 helmet with single SS decal to the right side sold for £1400 in our 19th August 2015 auction.

A German Army M43 HBT jacket and trousers sold in our 14th December 2016 auction for £150 and a 1937 Army overseas side cap made of green wool sold in the same sale for £150 as well.

Other items of Third Reich memorabilia that sold in recent auctions include this bronze desk eagle fitted to a marble base standing 15.5cm tall. The swastika had been removed at some stage and it sold for £200 in our August 2017 auction.

A Third Reich Luftwaffe General’s car pennant which had been brought back as a souvenir after the war surprised the vendor selling for £900 in our 9th December 2015 auction.

In the same sale another wartime souvenir was this pair of Karl Zeiss 7x50 U-Boat binoculars which sold for £320.


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