Warwick & Warwick is proud to have a knowledgeable team of collectable experts – with more than a century of combined experience.

Each specialist has a working knowledge of every aspect of collecting. They also specialise in their own individual areas.

To discuss your item or collection, the people to contact are listed below.

Philatelic Department: Joseph Cottriall, Simon Harry, Dulcie Marlow

Coins and Banknotes Department: Richard Beale, Jill Smith, Jack Colchester

Medals Department: Paul Murray, Richard Beale

Postcards Department: Dulcie Marlow, Jill Smith

Cigarette and Trade Cards Department: Dulcie Marlow

Toys, Models and Railways Department: Jill Smith, Richard Beale, Jessica Lowe

Meet the Team

Joseph Cottriall

Joseph has been with Warwick and Warwick for 35 years since obtaining a BSc (Hons) degree. He is one of our senior stamp valuers with a thorough knowledge of aspects of this department. Joseph collects and specialises in GB line engraved stamps.

Richard Beale

Richard joined the company over 32 years ago as a stamp valuer. He has since specialised and is our senior valuer in the coins and banknotes, medals and toy departments.

Paul Murray

Paul joined the Company in 2006. He has a keen interest in military history and has a BA (Hons) History degree in South Africa and the Anglo Zulu War of 1879. Paul is one of our specialists in medals and militaria.

Jill Smith

After obtaining her BA (Hons) degree Jill worked as a conveyancing executive for 5 years before joining Warwick and Warwick in 2009. Jill specialises in coins, banknotes and toys, with a background knowledge in medals and militaria.

Simon Harry

Simon joins our stamps team as a valuer, prior to joining Warwick and Warwick, Simon fulfilled a variety of administrative and customer-facing roles in the public sector.

Jessica Lowe

Jessica joined the Company in November 2021, whilst working towards a BA (Hons) degree in History and Classical studies. She currently works as a describer across all departments and has also joined our team of auctioneers.

Dulcie Marlow

After achieving her master’s degree in History of Art, Dulcie went on to have a brief stint at a well know bakery chain before joining the team in November 2021. Since then, Dulcie has worked as a describer/valuer across all our departments and has joined our team of auctioneers. Throughout this time, she has developed a keen interest in cigarette cards.

Jack Colchester

Jack joined the team in 2021 after obtaining his BA (Hons) degree in History through the Open University. Since joining Warwick and Warwick Jack has developed a keen interest in coins and has also become a part of our auctioneering team.