Antique military swords can be found in every corner of the globe – and each one tells a unique story of courage and gallantry.

Produced for conflicts for thousands of years, original ornate edged weapons are often in high demand because of their varying designs, importance and rarity.

Asian swords, especially those of Japanese origin, are much sought after by collectors. As well as being a popular worldwide hobby, collecting antique swords can also be a shrewd investment.

If you reside in the UK and need an accurate sword valuation that you can trust, enlist the help of our respected experts. Militaria is a highly specialist field which requires in-depth expertise to carry out reliable assessments – and our team now has more than 50 years’ experience under its belt.

We understand that you may have inherited a family heirloom or might be unsure whether an item is genuine or of value. If this sounds familiar, getting an antique sword appraisal is definitely a sensible option.

Despite the complexity associated with antique sword valuations, this is a free service we offer throughout the UK – and there’s no obligation to sell.

Should you wish to realise your edged weapon’s worth, we can advise you about the best way to achieve the maximum possible returns via auction or a Private Treaty sale.

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Which edged weapons are worth the most?

The six major factors which determine an antique sword’s value are:

  • Age
  • Condition
  • Origin
  • Type
  • Rarity
  • Original Scabbard

If you have any original documentation – photographs or certificates – about an item’s historical significance this can be useful when trying to establish provenance.

Likewise, any details which are known about the recipient can also help to increase value because buyers can often be inspired by the bravery behind these antique edged weapons.

Ultimately, a swords value depends on what someone is prepared to pay for it.

The following items always prove to be extremely sought after:

  • Artillery swords
  • Pioneer swords
  • Royal Engineer swords
  • pre-18th Century swords
  • Royal Marine Light Infantry swords
  • Royal Navy swords
  • Cavalry swords
  • US Civil War swords
  • Pattern 1897 Infantry swords
  • Katana swords
  • Kriegsmarine daggers
  • Luftwaffe daggers
  • Herr daggers
  • SA daggers
  • Hitler youth daggers
  • British Commando daggers
  • Trench knifes
  • Bayonets
  • Dirks

Even if your edged weapon is not listed above, we can still provide a valuation if you reside in the UK – please get in touch for details.

How to get a free edged weapons valuation

Have you found an antique sword that’s been hidden away for years or recently inherited a piece of military history?

As experts in all aspects of militaria, we’ll be proud to provide free advice about any edged weapons or military antiques in your possession.

There’s no charge for this free valuation service if you reside in the UK. The potential value of your items may leave you pleasantly surprised.

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Where to get a free swords valuation

Warwick & Warwick is a leading UK militaria expert – and we can provide free military sword valuations upon request for all UK residents.

You will not be under any obligation to sell your sword after getting a valuation. But we can help you realise its true worth at auction or via a Private Treaty sale.

Written valuations for probate and insurance purposes are available upon request for a modest fee.

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In person at one of our offices

Callers are welcome to visit our Warwick office during normal working hours – from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday – to request a sword valuation or to have any military collectables assessed.

We prefer to take our time inspecting your collection. You will be issued with a receipt and your valuation report will be sent to you for consideration.

If required, we may arrange to transport items to our offices by courier service so that you can take advantage of our professional expertise.

Home Visits

Our valuers are extremely busy and rarely conduct home visits. Valuations are usually conducted at our Warwick office where our staff have access to the right conditions, equipment and reference material to provide you with an accurate sword valuation. 

Contact our military swords valuations team

If you need a fast and accurate antique military swords valuation you can trust, our expert valuer Paul Murray is a leading UK militaria specialist – boasting an in-depth knowledge of British and foreign campaigns.

Boasting a BA (Hons) History degree in South Africa and the Anglo Zulu War of 1879, Paul has a keen interest in military history and is happy to provide any assistance you may require.

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