Cigarette cards originate from the late nineteenth century and were first produced in America. Providing accurate cigarette card valuations requires a detailed understanding of the history of each manufacturer and the cards they issued. Often beautifully illustrated, an early cigarette cards value will depend upon the period of history it documents and its condition.

As one of the leading international providers of cigarette card valuations, Warwick & Warwick has been trusted for its trade card knowledge and expertise for many years.

If you’re thinking of selling collectable cigarette cards, our valuations are meticulously researched and 100 per cent reliable.

Boasting a reputation which is second to none among cigarette card collectors, and clubs alike, you can rely on our friendly and useful advice to help you achieve the maximum possible returns on any items you may want to sell.

Our expertise is free to all UK residents and you will not be under any obligation to sell your cards. Depending on the collection, we may offer to sell your collection in one of our specialist cigarette card auctions or sell by private treaty.

If you’d prefer to keep the collectables in your family for another generation, that’s fine too – our aim is simply to help you make an informed decision.

Free cigarette card valuations

If you’ve recently inherited a collection or unearthed an interesting item relating to the tobacco industry, you may be wondering: How much are my cigarette cards worth?

At Warwick and Warwick, this is a question we are often asked – and our experts are always happy to help.

There’s no charge for this service – and you may end up being pleasantly surprised!

To discover a rare cigarette cards’ value, please send an email to our team or call 01926 499031 today! This free service is provided to all UK residents.

Factors which affect cigarette cards prices

When it comes to assessing a cigarette cards price or value, the most important factor is its condition.

Cards which have been stuck down, even in a specially designed album, or are damaged will be of little value.

Other factors which influence a cigarette card valuation are:

  • Age
  • Rarity
  • Manufacturer
  • Title of the set
  • Image on the front

Although cigarette cards values do fluctuate, most collectors take up the hobby for the love of collecting and not for their worth.

However, we are always delighted when one of our cigarette card valuations is met by an unexpectedly positive reaction.

Where to get a free cigarette cards valuation

As one of the leading providers of trading card valuations, Warwick & Warwick will happily value cigarette cards for free if you reside in the UK and issue advice on the best way to sell your items of interest.

Although you won’t be under any obligation to sell, we may offer you the chance to do so in one of our public auctions or via a private treaty sale.

Written valuations for probate and insurance purposes are also available on request for a modest fee.

In person at one of our offices

Callers are welcome to visit our Warwick office during normal office hours – 9am to 5pm from Monday to Friday – to request a cigarette cards valuation.

We prefer to take our time inspecting your collection. You will be issued with a receipt and your valuation report will be sent to you for consideration.

If required, we may arrange to transport smaller items to our offices by courier service so you can take advantage of our professional expertise.

Home Visits

Our valuers are extremely busy and rarely conduct home visits. Valuations are usually conducted at our Warwick office where our staff have access to the right conditions, equipment and reference material to provide you with an accurate cigarette card valuation. 

Contact our cigarette cards valuations team

Having been trusted to value collectables since 1958, the experts here at Warwick & Warwick recognise that valuable cigarette cards are sought after by collectors and dealers all over the world.

Our world-class team of cigarette card valuers boast considerable experience – and a proven track record for providing accurate valuations.

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