Old and vintage toys can help to bring back happy and nostalgic childhood memories, which is one of the main reasons they remain such popular collectables.

Not only do these much-loved items bring a smile to the face of their owners and our toy valuers, the toys usually create a lot of interest in the sale room when they go under the hammer at auction. As a wide ranging category which encompasses many different items and eras, it requires a lot of in-depth knowledge and expertise to conduct accurate toy valuations.

Established in 1958, Warwick & Warwick has since grown to become a leading provider of modern and old toy valuations in the UK and is known to be one of the leading international auctioneers of old, rare, and antique toys. Model soldiers are one particular area in which we specialise.

We are members of three internationally respected trade associations and Richard Beale, the head of our toy valuation department, has been continuously employed by us for more than 35 years – picking up a wealth of experience during that time.

Although we regularly handle items of very high value, our experts are often pleasantly surprised by the rare and unusual toys they see. The near perfect condition of the toys valued for sale can also sometimes be breath-taking.

If you reside in the UK and you’re thinking of selling old toys that you found in a relative’s loft or at a car boot sale, we promise to provide accurate toy valuations that reflect the rarity and condition of the items in question. In some cases, a toy’s provenance and the circumstances of how it came to be in your possession can add to its value.

Although we carry out a great many vintage and antique toy valuations, not all of the items we see are old. Even modern-day toys like Barbie dolls, action figures or memorabilia from films such as Harry Potter and Star Wars can be very valuable and highly sought after by collectors.

Whatever it is you’d like to have valued, our team of experts will happily use their considerable experience to guide you through the entire toy valuation process.

To obtain a fast and accurate toy valuation from experts who you can trust, please call 01926 499031 now!

What type of old toys are valuable?

As is the case with almost every collectable, an old toy's value is determined by its condition, age and rarity.

As you might expect, toys which are in mint condition or still in their original packaging are always much more valuable.

Although some toy collectors specialise in certain areas, the following items always tend to prove popular at auction:

  • Constructional toys
  • Model railways
  • Diecast models
  • Model soldiers
  • Mechanical toys

If you’re thinking about getting an old toy valuation, it is important to speak to an expert who understands these principles and has an in-depth knowledge of vintage toys.

At Warwick & Warwick, we value a wide variety of toys including the likes of Corgi, Dinky and Matchbox – to find out more, visit our diecast model valuations page now!

How to get a free toy valuation

If you’ve inherited a family heirloom or discovered a toy collection up in the loft, you may be left wondering: Are old toys worth anything?

As one of the leading providers of free toy valuations, Warwick & Warwick's team of toy experts are always pleased to offer their help and expert advice. This is a free service to all UK residents.

If you are considering selling old toys and want to discover their true value, please get in touch to arrange for a complimentary valuation and discuss the best way to sell your collectables. We do not charge UK residents for our toy valuations service – and you may end up being pleasantly surprised!

To get the experts on your side, please send an email to our valuations team or call 01926 499031 today!

Where to get free toy valuations

As one of the leading providers of old toy valuations, Warwick & Warwick will happily provide UK residents with free information or advice about the best way to sell your toy collection.

Although you will not be under any obligation to sell, we may offer you the chance to do so in one of our public auctions or via a private treaty sale.

Written valuations for probate and insurance purposes are also available upon request for a modest fee.

To get in touch, please email info@warwickandwarwick.com or call 01926 499031 today.

In person at one of our offices

If you wish to request a toy valuation, callers are welcome to visit our Warwick office during normal office hours – 9am to 5pm from Monday to Friday. 

We prefer to take our time inspecting your collection. You will be issued with a receipt and your valuation report will be sent to you for consideration.

We may also arrange to transport your toy collection to our offices by courier service to allow you to take advantage of our professional expertise.

Home Visits

Our valuers are extremely busy and rarely conduct home visits. Valuations are usually conducted at our Warwick office where our staff have access to the right conditions, equipment and reference material to provide you with an accurate toy valuation. 

Contact our toy valuations team

With a world-class team of toy valuers boasting more than 50 years’ experience between them, it’s easy to see why Warwick & Warwick are the experts when it comes to selling old toys.

Trusted to provide accurate toy valuations since 1958, we are known both here in the UK and in the US as a leading authority on old, vintage and antique toys.

Led by senior valuer Richard Beale, our team of toy experts comprises Jill Smith, Jessica Lowe, Jack Colchester and Daniel Smith, who have seen and valued an eclectic mix of old and vintage toys during their careers. They will happily provide UK residents with a fast and accurate toy valuation or any other assistance you may need.

To discover what your old or vintage toys are worth, please send us an email or call 01926 499031 now!