Diecast cars and diecast models were once the most popular playtime hobby for children all over the world.

At the height of their popularity, millions of diecast models were made and sold every year, with their incredible detail and high quality finish making them a manufacturing masterpiece.

Because of the quality craftsmanship involved, die cast models are highly collectable and remain an affordable and celebrated hobby to this day.

Here at Warwick & Warwick, we sell all shapes, sizes and styles in our die cast model auctions.

In fact, we offer thousands of diecast cars and models as a section in our regular toy auctions, which are staged six times a year.

And whilst these items are sometimes only worth a few pounds, some diecast model collections can fetch hundreds.

If you’re looking to sell diecast models, our team of experts will be pleased to offer free advice to all UK residents, in complete confidence, on any matters relating to a private treaty or auction sale. Free valuations are also available, with no obligation to sell, if you reside in the UK.

Looking to buy diecast cars or keen to attend a Dinky toys auction?

Each sale we stage has a detailed listing of individual die-cast models with items from most of the more common manufacturers, including Dinky toys, Matchbox toys, Corgi toys and many more. Foreign manufactured items are also listed.

With more than five decades of experience to our name, we are proud to be one of the UK’s best known sellers of vintage diecast models.

Put our reputation to the test and speak to one of our diecast specialists, call 01926 499031 today.

The types of diecast models we sell

Since Warwick & Warwick was established in 1958, we have grown to be one of the leading auctioneers and valuers for die cast model auctions in this country.

During this time, we have seen many different items come up for sale, including vintage diecast models, diecast model cars and a whole host of Dinky toys.

Discover how much money the main types fetch and why here:

Corgi diecast toys

Officially launched by Mettoy in 1956, Corgi Toys thrived because of their realistic features and licensing agreements with popular films and TV shows like James Bond, Batman and The Saint. Nowadays, the value of a Corgi diecast depends on its condition and how many were produced. The fewer models made, the rarer they are – meaning they are more valuable to collectors. Corgi toys which are in a good condition with their original packaging and leaflet are worth more money.

Dinky toys

Dinky toys were first created by Meccano in 1933 to complement their O gauge model railway sets which were designed and built by Frank Hornby – the father of Hornby trains. Pre-war models are worth a lot of money today. This is because they tended to suffer from cracking, discolouration and quality issues, making them very rare. Post-war Dinky toys are still valuable but it depends on their condition and rarity. The most sought-after date from the pre-1970s, including French models, early commercial vehicles and TV-related models for shows like Thunderbirds, which tend to fetch a good price in Dinky toys auctions.

Matchbox toys

Designed to fit into a matchbox so that children could take them to school, Matchbox Toys originated in the 1950s by a diecasting company called Lesney. Prior to 1959, they were distributed by Moko and early boxes with 'Moko Lesney' on them are more desirable to collectors. Although Lesney went bankrupt in 1982, the Matchbox brand lived on but later models are not as sought after or as valuable. Matchbox toys with different wheels or paint colours from standard models are usually more desirable.

Other vintage diecast toys

Although the three main brands mentioned above are most wanted by collectors, there are other vintage diecast models that prove popular at auction. UK brands like Britains and Spot-On by Tri-ang tend to do well, whilst older models from US brand Mattel Hotwheels remain attractive, particularly when boxed.

When are our diecast models auction dates?

Dinky toy auctions and diecast model auctions are held regularly throughout the year here at Warwick & Warwick.

The dates of our upcoming auctions are:

  • 17th July 2024
  • 18th September 2024
  • 20th November 2024

Our die cast model auctions start at 10am.

If you want to buy diecast models, the online catalogue is available around three weeks before the sale.

Click to view our online die cast model auction catalogue, once it is uploaded, and place bids on items in the sale now!

Viewing times for die cast model auctions

If you want to inspect the quality of our diecast cars, Dinky toys, Corgi toys or other diecast models before they go to auction, they can all be viewed beforehand at Chalon House in Warwick.

The viewing times are:

  • 9am – 4.30pm on the Friday, Monday and Tuesday prior to each sale

There will be no viewing facility outside these periods.

Commission bids can be placed in advance of the sale or why not take advantage of bidding live from the comfort of your home via Easy Live Auction - simply click on the button at the bottom of this page.

You can also place bids by post, via our online facility, by telephone, fax or e-mail. For further details, please visit our Online Catalogue.

To receive a free printed catalogue or apply for a catalogue subscription, click here.

Printed catalogues contain far fewer illustrations of lots than the online catalogue and, unless you plan to attend the Dinky toys auction, you’ll be better served viewing the online catalogue.

Requests can be made for further images by contacting us at scans@warwickandwarwick.com

Our diecast models auction venue

All of our die cast model auctions take place at our Warwick offices. There is no facility for room bidders during the sale but we do encourage live bidding on the day via Easy Live Auction.

Simply click on the Easy Live auction button at the bottom of the page to find us.

Please note that Easy Live Auction charge for this service.

Free registration with Easy Live Auction will attract a 3% charge on the hammer price. The £3 flat fee will not!

Bids are also accepted via our online catalogue and by post. There are limited telephones available so please do give Easy Live Auction a go!

When do I get my die cast models?

Invoices are emailed to you the day after the sale. Please provide payment via online Faster Payments or cheque. Card payments are accepted for invoices under £500. We aim to despatch goods within several days of receiving your payment (7 days for payment by cheque). Lots may be collected from the Friday after the sale, strictly by appointment. Please call 01926 499031. Payment should be made in advance.

Buy and sell diecast models at auction

With almost 60 years of experience behind us as valuers and auctioneers, you can trust and rely on Warwick & Warwick’s toy auction experts.

When it comes to Dinky toy auctions or valuing diecast models, our team is one of the most respected and knowledgeable in the UK.

Led by Richard Beale, our resident expert with 35 years of experience, toy specialists Jill Smith, Jack Colchester, Jessica Lowe and Daniel Smith are able to provide accurate valuations for any Dinky toys collection or other diecast toys.

If you’re keen to buy diecast models or discover rare Dinky toys for sale, our experts boast extensive industry connections and will be happy to help in your search.

Email info@warwickandwarwick.com or call 01926 499031 today.