Medals and other items of militaria provide a unique insight in to historic acts of heroism and outstanding bravery.

As a specialist provider of militaria and medal valuations, we know that this extremely personal connection is the reason these items will always be popular.

Medal collectors are often driven by their passion to research such heroic events and collectors and museums alike play an important role in preserving an invaluable historic record.

Here at Warwick & Warwick, our team of valuers has more than 50 years’ experience in all aspects of military collectables – a very specialist area which requires in-depth expertise to carry out accurate and reliable assessments.

Our experts not only provide accurate medal valuations but can also provide valuations for other military decorations and orders, whether they have been issued by British or overseas forces. This is a free service to all UK residents.

Since our establishment in 1958, we have built up a database of private collectors and buyers from all over the world with a keen interest in medals and other types of military antiques. If you want to share the story of an historic item, we can help by reaching out to this global audience.

If you’ve inherited a family heirloom, we would be delighted to hear from you if you reside in the UK. We are also happy to assist any medal collectors who might want to reduce or refresh their collection or military medal dealers with stock they need to market.

By taking advantage of our free medal valuations service, you will receive expert advice about the best way to achieve the maximum possible returns.

You will be given the option to sell in a public auction or via a private treaty sale, but there is no obligation to do so. Our only aim is to help you to make an informed decision – even if that means keeping an item to be passed on to another generation.

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How much is a medal worth?

When it comes to deciding a medals’ value, there are a number of factors which always have a significant influence.

Age, condition and rarity are always important when grading military medals, but the campaign for which it was awarded is also of importance.

The following campaign medals also tend to prove popular:

  • Peninsula War
  • Waterloo
  • Crimean War
  • Indian Mutiny
  • Boer War
  • First World War
  • Second World War

Gallantry Medals from all campaigns and theatres are also extremely sought after.

Because some campaign medals are not inscribed, such as British awards from 1939 to 1945, it is important to relay any other details which are known when seeking a medal valuation.

Original documentation – such as photographs, a pilot’s flying log book or any certificates which were awarded – can prove very useful when trying to establish a medal’s provenance.

If any details are known about the recipient, they can also help to increase a medals value because buyers are often inspired by the brave stories behind these historic items.

The type of bars, clasps and ribbons which were issued with the medal can also increase its value.

Whilst we will do all we can to provide you with an accurate medal valuation, its worth ultimately depends on what someone is prepared to pay – and selling at auction can be the best way achieve the maximum possible realisation.

How to get a free militaria valuation

Warwick & Warwick is proud to provide free advice to all UK residents about any aspect of military collectables, from free medal valuations to detailed assessments of military antiques.

If you’ve found a medal that’s been hidden away for years or recently inherited a piece of military history, you may be wondering: How much is it worth?

As experts in medals and militaria valuations, this is a question that our experts will happily help to answer. Simply get in touch and arrange for a valuation at a time which is convenient to you.

There’s no charge to UK residents for this free valuation service – and the potential value of your items may leave you pleasantly surprised!

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Where can I get a free militaria valuation?

Warwick & Warwick is one of the leading UK militaria experts, providing free medal valuations and information about all aspects of military collectables.

Whilst we can offer you the chance to sell items in one of our public auctions or via a private treaty sale, you will not be under any obligation to do so.

Written valuations for probate and insurance purposes are available upon request.

To get in touch, please email or call 01926 499031 today.

In person at one of our offices

Callers are welcome to visit our Warwick office during normal working hours – 9am to 5pm from Monday to Friday – to request a medal valuation or to have their military collectables assessed.

Although it is occassionally possible to conduct valuations on the same day, we prefer to take our time inspecting your collection. You will be issued with a receipt and your valuation report will be sent to you for consideration.

If required, we can arrange to transport items to our offices by courier service so that you can take advantage of our professional expertise.

Our Chester accounts office will also be pleased to accept your property for transportation to our Warwick valuation department. please note our valuers are not based at our Chester office.

Home Visits

Owners of large and valuable collections can request for a home visit when we can discuss sale procedures. We do not charge for this service.

Contact our militaria valuations team

Established in 1958, Warwick & Warwick is proud to be a leading international authority on all aspects of military collectables and medal valuations.

If you need a fast and accurate medal valuation that you can trust, our expert valuer Paul Murray is one of the best UK militaria and medal specialists – boasting an in-depth knowledge of all British and foreign orders, decorations and medals.

Having gained a BA (Hons) History degree in South Africa and the Anglo Zulu War of 1879, he has a keen interest in military history and will be happy to provide any assistance you may need when seeking a militaria or medal valuation.

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