April 2019 Stamp Auction

8th April 2019

The highlight of the Great Britain section of the auction included a superb range of Seahorse stamps from Waterlow, De La Rue & Bradbury Wilkinson printings with many better shades. High prices were achieved for De La Rue 2/6d Cinnamon-brown, brown & reddish-brown.


5/- Waterlow rose-carmine & De La Rue pale-carmine.


10/- De La Rue deep blue, Bradbury Wilkinson grey-blue.


Waterlow £1 deep green & dull blue green.


Also a 1929 PUC £1 block of 4 sold for £1800

British Commonwealth

A range Falkland Islands photographic essays for various issues sold for £360.


During the 1st World War the German Colonial forces in German East Africa fought a long defensive campaign until in 1917 the Allied Forces took the area that later became Tanganyika. When the area came under civilian control stamps from East Africa & Uganda were overprinted with ‘G.E.A’ for usage. The auction included a 1917-21 ‘SPECIMEN’ set which sold for £408. A used set to 50r sold for £990 and a mint set for £630.



Beautiful collections of French Colonial imperf colour proofs & trials sold for over 3 times the estimates.


An extensive collection (over 1200 items) of world forgeries & proofs described as ‘ranging from the crude to the dangerous’ attracted a lot of interest. From an estimate of £650 the lot achieved £1,560.


by Phil Stowe 


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