Coins and Banknotes Auction Report - 12th December 2018

14th December 2018

There was plenty to choose from in our 12th December 2018 Coins and Banknotes auction with over 770 lots on offer. Our last auction of the year saw the viewing room busy for the three days of viewing prior to the sale.

In the world banknotes section, highlights included this Isle of Man 1979 £20 which realised £252. 


This Scotland Clydesdale Bank 1940 £20 sold for £192.


And this Tahiti 1940 1000 francs perforated ‘SPECIMEN’ banknote achieved £180.


In the hammered British coins section this unusual Celtic early uninscribed Weald group quarter stater realised £504.


This lovely Henry VIII first coinage Angel sold for £2,220.


And this Charles II third issue shilling achieved £630.

There were plenty of milled coins offered in this sale. Highlights included this 1664 two guineas with elephant on obverse which realised £1,200.


This 1692 crown, described as nearly very fine, sold for £900.


This Queen Anne 1714 pattern farthing, described as about extremely fine, achieved £600.


And this beautiful 1847 Gothic crown realised £1,620.


In the British Gold coins section this high grade 1823 £2 sold for £1,860.


In the world coins section this 1567 Scottish Ryal, struck under the reign of Mary Queen of Scots, achieved £1,920.


We finished the sale with the ancient coins section. Particular highlights were this Roman Arcadius gold solidus which realised £408.


And this Roman Honorius gold solidus which sold for £408.


Our next coin and banknote auction will be held on Wednesday 20th February 2019. Look out for the full catalogue for this sale, which will appear on our website in the next few weeks. Also keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook pages which will include updates of our latest auction news.

Are you thinking of selling your entire coin and banknote collection or part of it? Would you like us to value your coins and banknotes and give you advice on how best to market them? Visit our coins and banknotes department page for more information.

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