Warwick and Warwick Cigarette Card Auction Report 18th January 2017

20th January 2017

The cigarette card sale offered a wide range of collections and accumulations. The majority of these achieved figures well in excess of their estimates.  A mixed lot in 3 boxes featuring sets by Ardath, Carreras, Phillips, A. & B.C. and many others was estimated at £360 and realised £738. Another similar collection with sets by Ardath, Ogdens, B.A.T., Amalg. Press and others estimated at £360 realised nearly £767, a collection of better type cards by Cope, E.R.B., Gabriel, Harris, Kinnear and others estimated at £200 realised almost £413 and a collection of sets from Allman, Hignett, Mitchell and others estimated £80 realised over £350.

Collections by individual manufacturers achieved strong results with the highlights being a Cope collection of part sets estimated £20 realising over £340, an Ogden Guinea Gold collection estimated £150 realised £190, a Taddy collection of part sets with an estimate of £320 realised £520, a Wills collection estimated £400 realised nearly £500 and a Wills Scissors range of part sets estimated £160 made over £480.

There was a strong section of individual British sets and many achieved excellent results. Some of the most notable include a Phillips large part set of Footballers KF estimated at £600 realising over £1500, a Salmon & Gluckstein Shakespearian Series (Frame On Back) set estimated £100 made £260 despite 1 being trimmed and another with a crease. The Taddy sets did very well with the highlights being a set of Actresses with Flowers part set of 17 cards realising £306 despite 3 with faults, a Royalty Series set made over £280 against an estimate of £150 and an Orders of Chivlary set with an estimate of £100 realising £236 despite several having some toning. A Wills 1908 Cricketers (WILL’S) set estimated at £80 and made £165 and a Wix Kensitas Flowers Second Series L set estimated £150 made £200.

The sale contained a small section of lots containing American part sets the best of which was an album estimated at £600 that realised over £850.

There was an excellent trade card selection of lots in the sale. A small selection of mixed lots did well, but the best results were seen in the individual sets. A 1923 W580 set of 30 Boxing cards realised £306 despite some faults, an Anglo Confectionery The Beatles Yellow Submarine set estimated £200 made £436 and The New James Bond 007 set estimated £280 realised £425. There was a large range of A. & B.C. Gum cards featuring many Footballer sets, the best including a 1963 Footballers Make-A-Photo set estimated £100 realising £141, a Civil War News set estimated £100 made £236, a pair of 1970 World Cup Footballers embossed and non-embossed sets estimated £180 realised £236, a 1971 Footballers Did You Know 220-290 set estimated £180 made £236 and a 1972 Footballers Orange/Red Scottish 90-179 set realised nearly £550. Other good results included a Somportex Film Scene Series James Bond 007 set estimated at £120 making £212, a Sun Football collection estimated £80 realised over £150 and a Sweetacre Favourite Dogs set estimated £40 realised £82 despite several with toning.

Our next auction is on Wednesday 15th March 2017. We will be offering a selection of accumulations and individual cigarette card sets. There will also be a good trade card section with several collections on offer as well as some individual sets.

Warwick and Warwick value cigarette card collections free of charge.

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