Warwick and Warwick Cigarette Card Auction Report 18th July 2018

23rd July 2018

The sale opened with the collections and mixed lots. As usual these lots proved popular with some achieving outstanding prices. A lot containing part sets from Ardath, Burstein Isaacs, Cohen Weenen, Drapkin and others was estimated at £350 and realised nearly £600, a range of sets by Hignett, Player, Wills and others estimated £350 made £620, a lot including a good range of football sets by Churchman, Drapkin, Gallaher, Mitchell and others realised £620 against an estimate of £320 and another lot with strength in football sets by Carreras, Hill, Gallaher, Ogdens and other estimated £250 realised £over £700. 


Ranges by individual manufacturers also did well with a lot of Churchman part sets estimated at £250 realising £330, a range of over 1,500 Ogdens Guinea Gold and Tabs cards made and excellent £970 and a range of Taddy type cards in mixed condition estimated at £220 realised over £300.


The individual sets started with a nice range of Churchman golfing cards and a Famous Golfers A Series large part set of 9 cards estimated £120 realised £200 and a Famous Golfers 2nd Series large set (less 1) estimated £150 made nearly £250. A Cohen Weenen Boxers green back part set of 22 cards made £177, a Hignett A.F.C. Nicknames set estimated £100 realised £165, and a Ogdens Boxers set estimated £130 achieved £188.


There was a good section of early Wills sets with a Soldiers of the World (P/C inset) set estimated at £280 realising nearly £450, an 1896 Cricketers part set of 37 cards made an outstanding £944 despite some cards in fair condition, a Life of King Edward VIII set estimated £300 realised over £500 despite showing some album corner marks and an overseas Soldiers of the World set of 75 with some faults made £224 against an estimate of £100. A Woods Types of Volunteers and Yeomanry set estimated £250 realised over £420 and an American Tob. Co. Hamilton King Girls range of 23 cards estimated £100 made £180.


The trade card section of the sale offered some desirable sets. A Brooke Bond South Africa Our Pets set estimated £70 made £100, a Donaldson Sports Favourites Golden Series (Footballers) part set of 51 cards realised an outstanding £1,060, a Donaldson Sports Favourites part set of 209 cards estimated £420  achieved over £500 despite several having faults, a Somportex Film Scene Series James Bond 007 set estimated £180 realised £270 and a collection of Whitbread Inn Signs made over £280 against an estimate of £200 despite many having some toning.


Our next auction is on Wednesday 19th September 2018. We will again be offering a large selection of collections and mixed lots alongside an array of British and foreign cigarette card sets as well as a selection of trade cards.


Warwick and Warwick value cigarette card collections free of charge.


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