Warwick and Warwick Cigarette Card Auction Report 18th May 2016

19th May 2016

The cigarette card sale contained a large selection of collections and accumulations and the majority of these achieved figures in excess of their estimates.  A lot containing more valuable part sets by Churchman, Cope, Gallaher, Millhoff and others estimated at £300 realised over £970. A collection of higher value type cards by Cope, Player, S & C, Taddy, Wills and many others estimated at £250 realised nearly £380, a collection of complete and part sets by Boguslavsky, E.R.B., L & B, Millhoff, Phillips etc estimated at £220 realised £410, a large unsorted accumulation in 4 boxes containing sets by Churchman, Gallaher, Player, Wills and others estimated £200 fetched over £500 and a lot containing complete sets in albums by Adkin, Ardath, Hill, Mitchell and others estimated at £150 realised £460.

Collections by individual manufacturers achieved strong results with a Carreras collection estimated £220 realising £390, a Gallaher collection with complete and part sets estimated £320 made £530, a collection of Mitchell sets in an album estimated £160 realised over £280 and a collection of Wills sets and part sets with a good overseas selection estimated at £300 making over £650.

The sale contained a strong selection of individual British sets, with many achieving excellent prices. Some of the most notable results include a Burstein Isaacs Famous Prize Fighters set estimated at £100 realising £212, a Clarke Butterflies & Moths set estimated £130 made nearly £190, a Faulkner Angling set estimated £70 achieved £165, a Players Old England’s Defenders set (less 2, with 45 duplicates) estimated at £150 made over £400, a Salmon & Gluckstein Heroes Of The Transvaal War set estimated £120 made £350 despite one having some damage and 2 having creases, a Smith Battlefields Of Great Britain set in excellent condition estimated at £300 realised over £420 and a Wills 1897 Actresses Brown Back P/C Inset set in good condition estimated at £120 realised £165 despite 2 having creases and a further 2 having some damage.

There was an excellent array of trade card lots in the sale with a particularly good section of A. & B.C. cards. Excellent results were achieved throughout, including a collection of sets by A. & B.C., Anglo, Chix, Somportex and others estimated £300 realising over £400. A lot containing complete and part sets by Barbers, Barratt, Bassett and others estimated at £120 realised £365, a collection of A. & B.C. sets including Fotostars, Kung Fu, Monkees, Ugly Stickers and many others estimated £450 realised over £1,800, a mixed collection of Barratt and Bassett sets estimated at £250 realised nearly £300 and a Brooke Bond collection with sets and part sets from Canada, Africa and USA estimated £120 made £340.

Several individual sets also brought impressive results. Some notable results in the A. & B.C. section were a Space Cards set estimated £160 realising over £420, a 1966 Batman 1B-44B set estimated £80 made nearly £180, an Outer Limits set estimated £100 realised £130, a Superman In The Jungle set with the Jig-Saw set realised £425 ad a Stacks Of Stickers set made £260. Other highlights included an Anglo Confectionery Joe 90 set estimated £70 realising £94 despite several having light creases, a Barratt Soccer Stars set estimated £50 made £76, a Barratt Footballers A.13 set in very good condition estimated £60 realised £94 and a Somportex Adventures Of Sexton Blake set made £94.



Our next auction is on 20th July 2016. We will be offering a selection of accumulations and individual cigarette card sets. Some of the better lots include a set of L & B Actresses “BLARM”, a Player Military Series set, a Salmon & Gluckstein The Great White City set, a Smith Football Club Colours (Different) set, a Taylor War Series set, a Wood Types Of Volunteer & Yeomanry set and many others. There will also be a good trade card section with several collections on offer as well as some individual sets with an A. & B.C. Beatles (Black & White) set, a Home & Colonial Flag Pictures and a Kellogg Motor Cars (Coloured) set amongst the highlights.



Warwick and Warwick value cigarette card collections free of charge.

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