Warwick and Warwick Cigarette Card Auction Report 24th January 2018

30th January 2018

The cigarette card section of the sale was slightly smaller than usual on this occasion but this was more than made up for by an outstanding trade card selection. The sale got off to a good start with lot 1 containing a range of complete and part sets by Churchman, Mitchell, Ogdens, Wills and others realising £630 against an estimate of £450. A mixed range of cigarette and trade cards by Mitchell, Phillips, Wix, Brooke Bond, Castrol and others estimated £360 realised £432, a collection of complete and part sets by L & B, Phillips, Taddy, Wills and others estimated at £300 made £360 and an interesting selection of football sets by Gallaher, Mitchell, Sinclair and others realised £520 against an estimate of £150. 

There were some high quality individual sets on offer. The highlights were a Bell Footballers set realising £750 despite 3 having creases, a Gallaher Association Football Club Colours set estimated £200 realised £264 despite 4 having creases and several with corner faults, a range of 7 Rutter Boer War Celebrities cards fair to good and 3 with corner creases was estimated at £40 and made £60, a Smith Football Club Records 1922 set in good condition estimated £150 realised£192 and a Wills Scissors International Footballers Season 1909-1910 set (less 3) estimated at £150 made £200.

The mixed trade lots again proved popular with many collections selling far in excess of their estimates.cA large mixed accumulation featuring sets by Bassett, Nabisco,  Nestle, Topps and many other estimated £250 realised £564, a range of complete sets by Baker, Wardell & Co., Barkers, Chivers, Typhoo and other estimated at £200 made £432, a large mixed range of sets by Brooke Bond , Coopers, Kellogg’s, Lyons Maid, Topps and many other realised over £500 against an estimate of £180 and another large mixed lot featuring ranges of Rossi’s, Shell, Shipton, Smith’s, Tonibell, Weetabix and many others made £528. 

An outstanding selection of A. & B.C. Gum cards started with a mixed lot in 2 albums featuring several football sets estimated at £400 realising £870. Another mixed lot in 3 albums featuring Monkees Hit Songs, Monster Tattoos, Olympic Posters, Superman In The Jungle and other made £990 and another selection of football sets including Football Club Crests, Giant Team Posters and Football Photo’s realised £870.

Individual A. & B.C. Gum sets did not disappoint either. A 1954 All Sports set made £252, an Elvis Presley Series set realised £372 against an estimate of £300, a 1959 Footballers (In Action) 1st and 2nd Series set made £444, a Civil War News set estimated £100 realised £168. A scarce Mars Attacks set was a real highlight and achieved £780, a Rolling Stones set estimated £120 realised over £200, a 1966 Footballers black & white issued in pairs 1st and 2nd Series et estimated £200 made £372, an Outer Limits set in excellent condition realised £144, a Star Trek set realised £192, a scarce complete Crazy Disguises set in excellent condition made over £550.

A 1970 Footballers – Scottish 1st & 2nd Series green sets lot made nearly £500 against an estimate of £250, a Mickey Takers set achieved £264 despite a catalogue price of just £234, a Car Stamps set realised £228 and a 1972 Footballers Scottish 1st Series blue 1-89 set estimated at £150 realised £300.

Multi set lots of Barratt, Liebig and Whitbread sets all achieved excellent results well above estimate. The individual sets in the trade section also continued to provide excellent results with an Anglo Confectionery The Beatles – Yellow Submarine set making £276, a Barratt Speed Series set estimated £50 realised £72, a Barratt Famous Footballers A.1 set estimated £100 made £120, a Barratt Giants In Sport set realised £114, a Chix T.V. and Radio Stars set estimated at £100 realised £144, a Lyon’s Maid International Footballers set estimated £60 made £90 and a Maynard’s set featuring 16 of 17 known cards achieved £180 despite 3 having creases.

A Primrose Burke’s Law set estimated £80 realised £114, a Smashers 1950 Sports Photos set estimated £100 made £192, a Somportex Famous TV Wrestlers set realised £216, a Somportex John Drake – Danger Man set made £288, a Somportex Thunderbirds coloured set realised £156 despite several having faults and a Somportex The Saint set estimated £120 realised £216.

Our next auction is on Wednesday 21st March 2018. We will again be offering an excellent selection of collections and mixed lots alongside an array of British and foreign cigarette card sets and a selection of trade cards.

Warwick and Warwick value cigarette card collections free of charge. 

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