Yorkshire sells well!

18th May 2018

Collections of cards of Yorkshire were the best sellers in the topo section of the Warwick and Warwick sale, held in Warwick, on 16 May. 5 boxed accumulations were on offer, estimated in total at £1120. The total realisation was £2190.


 A rural life collection had been broken down and amongst the cards offered singly, an RP of a Chardstock (Devon) blacksmith shoeing a horse made £41 and an RP of village women and children carrying sacks of reeds for thatching, published by a Blockley (Gloucestershire) publisher, reaslised £48.


The sale was rich in artist-drawn cards, where several single artist collections were on offer. 50 cards by Raphael Kirchner, in average condition, realised £840 and 50 by Xavier Sager, in good condition, made £324. 139 HGC Marsh Lambert children with a few animals, generally fine, achieved £114 and 400 AR Quintons, unduplicated, made £204. Condition was a major factor in the Louis Wain section, which under-performed. Faulkner’s 593 Series set of 6, all in good condition, apart from one with trivial surface blemish, estimated £150, realised £108.


Military was a strong section. A collection of 196 Gale and Polden History & Traditions and Battle Honours cards, nearly all in good condition, made £840 (£4.29 each) and a 125 strong collection of their Regimental Badges made £588 (£4.70 each).


In the shipping section, a selection of 20 White Star Line cards included an RP of the construction of the “Olympic”, at Harland & Wolff’s Belfast shipyard, with the “Titanic” partially constructed alongside. The estimate was £240 and the realisation £420.


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