1963 Nottingham Supervising Bailiff's George Medal in 16th August Medal Auction

3rd July 2017

A George Medal group awarded to William Jebet Walker is offered in our 16th August 2017 medal and militaria auction with an estimate of £3,000. 


William Jebet Walker had a long career in the Royal Navy which took him around the world and through some hard campaigns in WW2. After leaving the service he became a Supervising Bailiff in Nottinghamshire. It was while going about his duties in January 1963 that he was awarded the George Medal which was announced in the London Gazette dated 24th May 1963:

“When Mr Walker went to a dwelling house to execute a Warrant of Eviction he was well aware that there would probably be trouble as the former owner of the premises had become aggressive and threatening and was mentally unstable. Walker entered the house and with the female occupier went into the front downstairs room. The former owner suddenly came into the room holding a revolver with both hands. He pointed the gun at the woman and pressed the trigger, but the gun did not fire. The man spun the revolver chamber and again pointed the gun at the woman. Walker pushed her out of the line of fire and ducked. The gun was fired once or twice but did not hit either of them. Walker then jumped at the gunman who was still in the doorway of the room and struggled with the man who fired the revolver again and shot him in the head. Walker fell to the ground bleeding profusely. He managed to regain his feet, knocked the man out of the house and then collapsed. As a result of the wound inflicted upon him, Walker lost the sight of his right eye.”

There is a very poignant letter from the woman he saved with the lot dated 29th January 1963, part of which reads, “Will you kindly spare a little time to read this note written in very simple words, but with a heart full of gratitude to your Mr Walker. No price or words can ever repay the price he has paid in saving my life…..          I have discussed with Mr Wild’s doctor his queer behaviour, but strangely enough this abnormality never showed itself outside my home and it was only after years of mental torture to me, that I was forced to take this action, he put all the furniture together like a junk shop, I was confined to one room to live and sleep, and when he went out would cut off through the boxes in the pantry, the supply of gas and electricity, I’ve not known what it has been to have warm water to wash, bath or do any laundry, and he would not allow my daughter to come home…..   

Sold with good quantity of supporting material including 31 RN buttons, WW2 Admiralty medal transmission slip indicating 6 medals/clasps issued, 36 photos/postcards (some military, some family), 1933 Xmas Card from HMS Berwick in Hong Kong, 4 letters of congratulation for GM, list of places visited by HMS Norfolk in 1947, Decree Absolute, GM box of issue and cloth uniform ribbon bar.

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Paul Murray


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