A Catalogue of errors ! - Shurely shome mishtake?

29th April 2015

1962 NPY 3d with “Queen omitted”

It is true to say that the security printers given the task of printing millions of stamps each year generally do a very good job. However as the phrase goes “to err is Human” and from time to time spectacular errors do come to light.

A client of Sotheby’s, living in Asia, specialised in collecting such errors and recently approached us for a valuation with a view to sale. His collection is now being suitably lotted and will appear in our sale on May 6th (the 175th Anniversary of our beloved “Penny Black”) with many scarce and in some cases almost unique items of note.

This Sale will also, by good fortune, have errors from a second vendor that are also quite remarkable, so if you too have a passion for the imperfect, look no further.

Here are a small selection to whet the appetite...

Imperforate Stamps



Colour Shifts



Missing colours



Missing Queen's Head




By Joseph Cottriall.

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