Can you identify these locations?

7th July 2015

Topographical and social history postcards always achieve better prices if they are located. We have a series of un-located cards and we invite you to inspect them and see if you can locate any for us. If you can, I would be delighted to hear from you. Please contact me at

A. Paget Road in which town? The photographer is Goodman & Co.


B. Where is this garage and bicycle shop?


C. This is a railway accident on the N.E.R. The card has a Bishop Auckland Nov 1905 c.d.s. Where did the accident take place?


D. This village nestles in a coomb in the hills.


E. Where is this street procession taking place? J.L. Dempsey’s butcher’s shop is on the left.


F. The laying of tram lines in a town centre. Which town?


G. On the wall of the market hall is an advert for Newbery’s Furniture of Friar St., Reading. The Hare and Hounds Hotel is opposite.


H. These 3 cards have similar backs and were probably published by the same company. Do you recognise the location of the bridge, the pub and the church?


I. The caption reads “High Street / No …” or possibly “High Street / Ho …” or possibly “High Street / Ro …”. The shop proprietors are Northover Brothers, Kendall watchmaker, D. Lewis chemist.


J. Where was this damaged pier?


K. These 2 cards show a military parade. The George Inn is on the right.

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