Excellent range of Siege of Mafeking banknotes offered in our 17th August 2016 auction.

15th August 2016

Lots 286 to 289 in our 17th August 2016 auction are a range of South African Siege of Mafeking banknotes.

Arguably the best known action of the Second Boer War the Siege of Mafeking took place from October 1899 to May 1900. Due to the cutting off of supplies and the introduction of rationing Col. Baden-Powell, later to found the Scouting movement, ordered the issue of siege banknotes to facilitate commerce in the town.


Lot 286 - South Africa. Siege of Mafeking. 1900 one shilling B 7174 extremely fine. (Krause S651b) Estimate £300. 


Lot 287 - South Africa. Siege of Mafeking. 1900 two shillings B 9091 good fine. Krause S652b) Estimate £120.


Lot 288 - South Africa. Siege of Mafeking. 1900 three shillings A 3051 fine. (Krause S653) Estimate £300.


Lot 289 - South Africa. Siege of Mafeking 1900 (Mar) 10/- 6794, correct spelling of commanding, very fine. (Krause S654) Estimate £220.

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By Jill Smith.

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