Scottish James V Groat in our 22nd April Coin Auction

19th February 2015

James V was born in April of 1512 to James IV of Scotland and Margaret Tudor, the sister of the English King Henry VIII. After his father was killed at the Battle of Flodden Field on 9 September 1513 James was made king at the tender age of only a year old. After numerous regents and a spell of virtual imprisonment by his step-father, the Earl of Angus, James V became the absolute ruler of Scotland in 1528. He was considered a learned man who played the lute, wrote poetry and was a keen patron of the arts. James V died at Falkland Palace in 1542 and was succeeded by his only legitimate child Mary, better known today as Mary Queen of Scots.    

This James V second coinage groat, described as obverse bust right, double-arched crown, reverse pointed shield over cross fourchée VILLA EDINBRVGH and graded as very fine/ good fine, is estimated at £600 in our 22nd April 2015 Coin Auction. 


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By Jill Smith

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