Superb collection of pre-1945 German made military figures and vehicles in 17th May Auction

27th April 2017

One person’s lifetime collection of Elastolin, Lineol and similar figures and vehicles will be offered in our 17th May Toy auction in 75 lots.

The collection of figures, vehicles, artillery pieces, defensive positions etc was collected by the vendor for over 50 years and includes some rare and seldom seen pieces. The tinplate vehicles includes Lot 536, a German tinplate friction drive armoured car by Hausser with turret guns which flash when in motion. This rare model has an estimate of £400.


Lot 551 is an early Marklin tinplate clockwork half-track with rear mounted AA gun with an estimate of £400.


A British Command Bunker with dugouts, telegraph poles and figures, constructed from wood and cardboard by Moritz-Gottschalk is a scarce survivor with an estimate of £160.


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Paul Murray

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