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28th July 2015

Coming up in our 5th August Stamp Auction

Buyers of postal history will have to wait till the end of the auction for a superb collection of ‘Used Abroad’. The collection includes many rare items including Crimea War covers (see the article in ‘Latest News’), an 1847-54 Embossed 6d on cover from India, British Forces mail from Egypt, China and much else. This is a rare opportunity to buy a superb collection assembled by a dedicated collector.


The Commonwealth section includes a scarce and attractive cover from the Cook Islands addressed to Cardiff with an 1892 set of 4 and various cancels & cachet.


Ireland is well represented this month, with a large, valuable collection and also smaller ranges. Examples of the Seahorse overprints mint and used are illustrated in the catalogue.


The foreign section includes a small range of cards from the China Boxer Rebellion period. This eye-catching card posted to Germany by a Major Cleve in 1901, the year the rebellion was brutally ended, is a fine example. 


An exceptional Italian Colonies collection of fine used is offered in 30 lots, comprising collections, smaller ranges and single items (many of which are expertised), from Eritrea, Levant, Libya, Somalia, etc. Noteworthy items include the General Issue 1934 Football set, Cyrenaica 1933 Balbo flight pair and Tripolitania 1925-6 Jubilee 1l.25 perf. 11.



There are a number of Specimen overprinted stamps in both the Commonwealth & Great Britain sections. This £5 orange watermark anchor UM being the best of the bunch, also KUT 1922-7 £20.


Phil Stowe

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