VR Officials exceed expectations

16th April 2015

Our April stamp auction included a superb British & Commonwealth collection that has been held in the same family for generations without them being aware of the exceptional quality and high value.

Amongst the collection were an 1840 Penny Black VR official mint pair along with an extremely rare block of 4, also 1840 penny blacks in mint multiples, 1840 2d blues and much else, making this the best Line Engraved section we have offered for some years.


The owners had some idea that the collection was valuable but were worried about it leaving the safety of their home so, after researching reputable dealers, they decided to deliver it themselves to our office for a valuation. The valuer who first saw the collection said that they had mentioned they had penny blacks in strips, they didn’t say that they were mint however!

There was considerable interest before the auction with many bidders from the UK and abroad, both in the room and on telephones. The high point of the auction was the VR official block of 4 which sold for £31,800, the pair for £17,100 and the single for £5,800.

Other notable results were an 1840 1d black plate 1b unused selling for £1,300 and an 1840 2d blue plate 1 unused pair selling for £7,080.


Phil Stowe

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