An unusual Spanish Civil War medal group in 11th December 2019 Medal Auction

19th November 2019

A Spanish Civil War group to Jose Maria Lasheras Sanz, a Spanish Air Force Bomber Air Mechanic, is offered in our 11th December 2019 medal and militaria auction with an estimate of £1,000.

Jose Maria Lasheras Sanz enlisted as an Air Mechanic on 2nd February 1930. The Air Mechanic in the Spanish Air Force was roughly the equivalent of the Flight Engineer in the RAF.

During the Spanish Civil War he flew on General Franco’s Nationalist side. Franco was supported by Hitler, who sent the Condor Legion to Spain to help Franco. The first flying entry in his log book is dated 3rd January 1937 with the 6th Escuadrilla 22. His first bombing mission to Morata y Tricheras was flown on 13th February 1937. In 1937 he flew a total of 90 bombing missions, as well as other training and reconnaissance flights. In 1938 he flew 130 bombing missions and a further 13 in 1939.

On 22nd May 1939, Germany awarded him the Eagle Order Silver Merit Medal With Swords and the lot includes his named award document in mint condition in its folder as issued by the Third Reich.

He continued with full flying duties through to March 1941, he moved to 15th Escuadrilla on 15th September 1939. After 1941, there is still the odd flight listed with last being on 27th June 1951.

The full medal group is War Cross Breast Star (60mm), Order of Military Merit with slider bar (plain reverse) Breast Badge, Order of St Hermenegildo Breast Badge, 1936-39 Campaign Medal (Front line service ribbon) and German Eagle Order Silver Merit Medal With Swords (Gothic reverse) (835 PR. MUNZE BERLIN.

Sold with named Third Reich award document dated 22 Mai 1939, folder and envelope as dem Sargento, named letter from 4th Region Air Force confirming German award, named letter from Air Ministry confirming award of Campaign Medal, Red Cross and War Cross, named 1st Air Brigade letter authorising the award of Collective Military Medal to the Junkers Groups, framed photo in full officer’s uniform wearing the 4 Spanish Medals with Air Mechanics wings on opposite side of chest and Flying Log Book.

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By Paul Murray

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