August 2nd Philatelic sale

26th July 2023

As July comes to an end and August rapidly approaches, here at Warwick and Warwick we look forward to our 2nd of August stamp sale and today we will be featuring some of the lots that will be available. So, if you are a keen philatelist or just have an interest in old stamps, make sure you watch our auction live at where our brilliant auctioneers will help guide you through the proceedings.



Our first featured lot in our August 2nd sale is lot 156, a single volume containing rare stamps from British India. One highlight from the lot includes a 1854-5 unused ½a blue, stamps like this are becoming a rare sight and so if you want to own a genuine piece of Indian history, you will have your chance with an estimate of £500. 



The second featured lot is lot 207, which contains a lot of Victorian era high value stamps, this includes multiple 1840 1d blacks and 1847-54 £5 orange. If you happen to be coming to one of our viewing days, consider looking through this lot so you may also appreciate the scale of this wonderful collection. 



And finally, lot 260 is the third lot we are showcasing here today; this lot contains an incredible 1860 1½d rosy-mauve. This stamp was designed for use in 1860 however as you may know, it was never put into circulation with most of them being destroyed. Cataloguing at £7000, you can have a chance at owning this unique piece of postal history, estimate £300.

If you are interested in any of the previous lots, please once again make sure to place your bids and watch along at so you can join us for another one of our monthly stamp auctions.

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