Excellent collection of shillings to be offered in our 11th December 2019 coin auction

25th November 2019

An excellent collection of shillings is to be offered in our 11th December 2019 coin auction. The collection was compiled over a number of years and mainly comprises a number of varieties and higher grades. 

Highlights of the collection include…


Lot 354 - 1666 shilling, first bust, elephant below, fine.


Lot 368 - 1709 shilling, third bust, plain in angles, extremely fine.


Lot 381 - 1723 WCC shilling, second bust, good fine.


Lot 384 - 1725 WCC shilling, second bust, fine.


Lot 392 - 1743 shilling, roses in angles, extremely fine.


Lot 400 - 1763 Northumberland shilling, extremely fine.


The full 11th December 2019 auction catalogue is available to view on our website which also has details on how you can place bids. Our Twitter and Facebook accounts also include updates of all our latest auction news.

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