Rare Sarawak Banknotes consigned to our 17th April 2024 specialist auction.

19th March 2024

19th March 2024

Warwick and Warwick’s 17th April specialist banknote sale will include an exceedingly rare range of 1929 Sarawak banknotes. Including, $100 F/1 000,000, $50 E/1 000,000, $25 D/1 000,000, $10 C/1 000,000, $5 B/1 000,000, $1 A/1 000,000. Each note has the signature A.A. Rennie with overprinted "SPECIMEN" diagonally in red and perforated "CANCELLED”.


                    Lot 328                                                                  Lot 329


Plus 1929 banknote size watermarked paper samples for $5, $10, $25, $50, and $100, generally extremely fine, all stuck by left edge ($25 loose) in W.P. Dickinson sample book. This sample book contained the 1929 set of banknotes.




                                Lots left to right, 327, 326, 325, 324.


You can find further information regarding these lots in our online catalogue as well as many other interesting banknotes, coins, and militaria items.

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