We are still open!

8th January 2021

In these uncertain times it is nice to know there is something you can rely on, and we hope Warwick and Warwick can be one of those things.

Despite the current lockdown, we are continuing with our auction schedule, albeit with a few changes, to ensure the safety of both our customers and staff.

Over the past months we have been holding regular ‘closed doors’ auctions which have proved to be extremely successful.

With much of the collecting community currently on lock-down and able to spend a bit more time on their hobbies, our auctions have been realising more than ever, so there really is no better time to sell your collection.

If you are interested in obtaining one of our free of charge, no obligation valuations please feel free to call and speak to one of our valuers on 01926 499 031 or email info@warwickandwarwick.com to discuss the best way we help you.

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