1815 Pair of Waterloo Medals to 2/73rd Foot who fought at Quatre Bras and Waterloo

A Pair of Waterloo Medals to 2/73rd Foot, who fought at Quatre Bras and Waterloo
The Waterloo Medals to Sergeant James Fenning and Private William Howe of the 2nd Battalion, 73rd Foot, were offered as separate lots, in the 10th December 2008 auction, where they realised £3,205 and £2,645 respectively.

The 2/73rd Foot, after the arduous campaign in Holland, became part of the garrison of the city of Antwerp. After Napoleon had escaped from Elba and hostilities had resumed, the battalion became part of Sir Colin Halket’s 5th Infantry Brigade and was engaged in the later stages of the Battle of Quatre Bras on 16th June 1815 and the withdrawal the following day, after suffering 56 casualties.

At the Battle of Waterloo, on 18th June 1815, the 5th Brigade was positioned on the right centre of the British line and suffered terrible casualties from French cannon fire and numerous cavalry charges. Casualties were so heavy that different regiments had to form squares together due their lack of numbers, the 73rd joining with the 30th Foot. At the start of the campaign they mustered 554 officers and men of whom 336 were casualties in three days of fighting, the second highest number of casualties suffered by a Foot Regiment.

Private William Howe volunteered from the Derbyshire Militia, on 4th May 1812, for limited service. The battalion was present at Battle of Ghorde in Hanover on 16th September 1813. He fought with Capt Lynch’s Company at Waterloo and was discharged on 10th June 1817. Sergeant James Fenning fought with Capt Drewe’s Company.

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