Collection of Cook Islands and Dependencies

A Spectuacular Sale of Cook Islands and Dependencies Rarities.

Warwick and Warwick are pleased to announce a truly spectacular collection of Cook Islands and Dependencies to be offered for sale in our May 3rd Philatelic auction.

This collection was the product of dedicated and astute collector Henry ‘Charlie’ Snape and consists of a very comprehensive collection from pre-stamp letters to modern issues, with marvellous range of errors, colour trials, proofs, specimens, with a number of the great rarities. This collection of the Cook Islands is the best Warwick and Warwick have ever seen and would be comparable to those formed by Lady Mairi Bury and Paul Jensen in recent years.

Below is a small sample of what this specialised collection has to offer.












The printed catalogue is not yet ready, but if you don't want to miss out contact us today with your full name and address to be added to the list for a complimentary printed catalogue! For more information please contact us and ask for Dulcie. All contact details to be found below.

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