Unique Royal Humane Society Police Medal group to WO2 and Police Constable Rob McNeill

The Royal Humane Society Police Medal group to Warrant Officer Class 2 and Police Constable Robert Geoffrey McNeill, Royal Military Police and Cambridgeshire Constabulary, was offered in Warwick & Warwick’s auction on Wednesday 13th October 2010 and realised £5,750.

Robert Geoffrey McNeill enlisted in the Royal Military Police in Preston on the 18th May 1982. He served in Germany from October 1983 to October 1985, Northern Ireland to November 1987, Hong Kong to December 1989. He was discharged in the rank of Sergeant on 19th September 1991. His Testimonial on discharge from the Regular Army states: “Sgt McNeill is a first rate policeman. During his service in HM Forces he has been employed on investigations and operational tasks involving the movement and control of large numbers of vehicles and troops. On his promotion to Sgt he has been responsible for a four man investigation team during which his knowledge of police duties and his ability to mange the team were evident.”

He joined the Cambridgeshire Constabulary and Territorial Army on discharge from the Regular Army. On the 22nd July 2001 while on routine duty in Peterborough in company with PC Dave Dudley, they responded to a call for assistance at a fire in a first floor flat in Gladstone Street as a result of an arson attack. This action resulted in the award of the RHS Bronze Medal to both Constables that was awarded on the 13th November 2001 for:

“It was resolved unanimously that the bronze medal of the society is hereby awarded to Police Constable Robert Geoffrey McNeill, Cambridgeshire Constabulary, who at grave personal risk saved the lives of two men who were trapped by a fierce fire blocking their front door at a house in Gladstone Street, Peterborough on 22nd July 2001.”

Subsequently they were also both awarded the RHS Police Medal, a new award only introduced in 2000 to honour the most outstanding act of heroism by a police officer during the preceding year, on the 7th January 2003 for:

“It was resolved unanimously that the Police Medal of the society be hereby awarded to Police Constable Robert Geoffrey McNeill whose rescue of two men from a burning house on 22nd July 2001 at Peterborough was the case of greatest police gallantry considered by the committee in the year 2002.”

In 2003 he was the only serving Cambridgeshire police officer to serve in Iraq with the Territorials being mobilised from February to August 2003 and then returning in December 2003 for a second tour as a firearms instructor based in Al-Zubayr. He was presented his Iraq Medal by the Lord Lieutenant of Cambridgeshire Hugh Duberly.

He retired from the Police in December 2006 after 15 years service. The group is being sold on behalf of the recipient and has never before been on the market.

The full medal details are Royal Humane Society Police Medal (silver gilt), Royal Humane Society small bronze successful Medal, 1962 GSM Northern Ireland clasp, 2004 Iraq Medal 19 Mar to 28 Apr 2003 clasp, 2007 Iraq Reconstruction Service Medal, 2002 Golden Jubilee Medal and Volunteer Reserves Service Medal to 24625656 SSgt R G McNeil AGC (RMP) (PC 2002 on RHS Police, PC 22 Jul 2001 on RHS bronze, Cpl RMP on GSM, Rob McNeill on Reconstruction) half court mounted as worn. Sold with a wide range of supporting documents including Regular Army discharge certificate, Police Certificate of Service 1991-2006, Police Declaration on joining in 1991, TA Certificate of Mobilisation Feb-Aug 2003 for OP TELIC, 2003 Warwick Police IPU Basic Firearms Course certificate, various photos in uniform some wearing medals, mostly Iraq, many newspaper cuttings with photos with regard to RHS awards and Iraq, copies of RHS award certificates, confidential reports etc.

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